Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the purpose of Tulare Hospital Foundation?

A:  Tulare Hospital Foundation is the official gift-receiving and fund-raising partner of Tulare Regional Medical Center.  Our purpose is to support the services and the Hospital’s mission by receiving and distributing your generous gifts to enhance the services provided by the hospital, such as new beds, monitors, scanners, testing, and diagnostic machines used daily by  our health care professionals.

Q:  What specific service does the Foundation provide?
A:   Tulare Hospital Foundation is responsible for:
*    Fundraise and manage special events
*    Receiving, Recording, and Acknowledging and reporting your generous gifts
*    We are financial stewards of the funds entrusted to the Foundation by investing with the utmost caution and consideration with greatest returns
*    Disburse funds according to the Foundation’s adopted policy, procedures, and protocol
*    Manage and maintain the Donor and Friends Data base with integrity and the highest level of anonymity and respect.
*    Attend, Represent and Support the various events of Tulare Regional Medical Center on all levels; local, county, and state.

Q:  How is the Foundation governed?
A:   Tulare Hospital Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees, made up of staff, community leaders, and members of the community at large.  These trustees help oversee the Foundation’s policies and procedures in addition to monitoring its finances.

Q:  To whom do I make my check:
A:   Please make your appreciated check payable to:

Tulare Hospital Foundation
906 N. Cherry St.
Tulare, California 93274

*  All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

If you are local within the Tulare County region we would be happy to make arrangements
to pick your donation up in person so that we may be able to properly thank you!

Q:   Can I make an online donation?
A:   At this particular time we are modifying our website and that option will be available soon.

Q:   What is Tulare Hospital Foundation’s Tax I.D.?
A:   The Tax Identification number for Tulare Hospital Foundation is: 77-0166566

Q:   Can I designate my gift for a specific purpose?
A:    Absolutely.  You are welcome to designate your gift to any of the general areas of Tulare Regional Medical Center.  Many donors elect to direct their gifts to the “unrestricted fund”, which allows for their gift to be used as needed.  Unrestricted gifts are by far the most important for the hospital services in general because it allows for the ability to purchase much needed equipment for all departments.

Q:   Can I make a gift in honor or in memory of someone?
A:    Yes, these are called “In Memoriam” or “In Honor of” gifts.